This is the most awesome fashion this year

Date: 2023-06-20    Visit: 1106

What is the most popular this year?

From a pair of dad's shoes in each person's hands

Li Ning Fashion Week on the Hot Moments

It seems to be reflecting two words - "trendy and cool"

Actually, besides clothes and shoes

Those daily necessities that can be used

More able to showcase this cool and trendy taste

For example, the new product launched by Lego

Lego F1 Graffiti Edition

The exterior design is very eye-catching

Definitely a must-have for trendsetters

Let's take a look at what it really looks like



Graffiti appearance - unique and interesting

When graffiti meets music

More freedom, more trendy and cool


Four Special Designs - Striving for Excellence

Not just good-looking

There's still something nice to hear


Five Practical Functions - Enjoy Music

Not just trendy and cool

And as you please

Encountering such a trendy and cool experience

And the Lego F1 graffiti version with enhanced sound quality

You who pursue beauty and quality

Aren't you ready to put it in your pocket yet?

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