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On December 3, 2018, the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China releasedChinaMadeBrand work plan "Inheritance and Creation" themed public welfare promotional video.ChinaMadeIt is a brand action aimed at expanding the visibility and reputation of Chinese brands in the global market, helping Chinese enterprises innovate and improve the quality of their products and services, and guiding Chinese brands to consciously assume more corporate social responsibility.

As a member of 'Made in China',Nowgo audioTogether with countless Chinese brands,Speak up for 'Made in China'!


Ten years like a day, forging "nowgo" with good quality!

In the past decade, we not only made Chinese people know 'nowgo'

Also made the world know 'nowgo'

In the past decade, our products have gone global

Moving towards the United States, Britain, France, Germany

Italy and other worldssixtyMultiple countries and regions

Let the world hear the voice from China

As of the publication of this article

The volume of "Made in China" has reached 640 million

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