2018 Hong Kong Electronics Show | It is said that the best-selling products in the second half of the year are all here

Date: 2023-06-20    Visit: 675

Today, Global Resources 2018 Hong Kong Autumn Electronics Exhibition

The official opening!

Of course, Lego Audio, which has been consistent for twelve years, will not be absent,

Not only did we not be absent,

It also brought multiple carefully developed new products,

To be honest, customers have repeatedly praised these new products

Possessing the potential for explosive sales,

The words of praise made Xiaole feel a bit carried away.

Are you also curious about theseHot selling potentialNew product

What is the holiness of Fang?

Come and see it quickly!


The sparkling Q26


Q26 stylish and portable Bluetooth speaker,

Multiple lighting effects, becoming the shining protagonist of the exhibition.

How many lighting effects does it have? Have you counted correctly?



High end wireless Bluetooth earphones


Red, blue, and black, classic, fashionable, yet elegant,

High end TPE soft rubber material, skin friendly, easy to clean, and excellent hand feel.

If you don't do it, you will do it. If you want to do it, you will make it a masterpiece,

H7, keep improving!

(More colors can also be customized according to customer needs)


(Due to errors in shooting lighting and other factors, the actual color is more beautiful and textured.)


TWS Bluetooth earphones


This year's must-have trendy new products,

Up to 73 hours of battery life,

(Headphone battery life of 3 hours, battery compartment battery life of over 70 hours)

It's really super super super long standby!



Esports game earphones


Two words,Dazzle!Cool!



A Glimpse of the Exhibition Site




Cute friends



Of course, I would like to thank the friends ahead for sending back the first live pictures,

Let everyone feel the grand exhibition of Lego Audio in the first place,

You guys are working hard!


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