nowgo F6 new product debuts, with HI-FI sound quality IPX7 waterproof and built-in power bank, reported by major media outlets

Date: 2023-06-20    Visit: 760

The new launch of the Nowgo F6 waterproof Bluetooth speaker has not only won users' love, but also attracted reports from major media outlets such as Phoenix, NetEase, China News, and IT168. This article is quoted from Phoenix.

Recently, the long-awaited nowgo F6 waterproof Bluetooth speaker has officially landed at the official flagship store of JD Lego Digital, along with a wave of significant new product discounts to comfort fans' patience and patience.

The nowgo F6 waterproof Bluetooth speaker has sparked a rush to buy at a new price, starting at 599 yuan for only 199 yuan

The official retail price of the nowgo F6 waterproof Bluetooth speaker is 599 yuan. As the new product is launched, nowgo has launched a new product trial event, where you can bring this speaker home for as little as 199 yuan. It can be said that this discount is too strong. According to the brand side of Nowgo, the reason why this new product trial event has released such a large discount is to repay the love of Nowgo's loyal fans, hoping to provide everyone with a truly cost-effective Bluetooth speaker to help them enjoy their music life.

The nowgo F6 waterproof Bluetooth speaker brings HI-FI grade audio enjoyment, with stunning volume and exceeding expectations for sound quality

The nowgo F6 Bluetooth speaker has a domineering and rugged appearance, making it a masculine speaker with two 10W speakers. Its volume is naturally stunning and powerful, and it also exudes confidence when used outdoors. And through chip boosting, low-frequency anti distortion and other technologies, the sound quality of this speaker also exceeds expectations, effortlessly handling various styles of music, bringing extraordinary auditory enjoyment to everyone, making it a rare and high-quality choice on the market.


The nowgo F6 waterproof Bluetooth speaker is fully functional and meets the needs of users. Each user's pain point is broken down

Bluetooth speakers have developed so far, not only with a single function, but users also tend to choose products that can personally solve their various troubles. As a mature speaker brand that has been struggling in the audio field for more than ten years, Nowgo has already mastered user needs and effectively applied this user mindset to product development.

Therefore, in addition to pursuing sound quality, the nowgo F6 Bluetooth speaker has also designed many practical functions for users, such as IPX7 level high waterproof, taking the F6 to the beach, swimming pool, fishing, and so on. Don't be careful, just play recklessly; Equipped with a mobile power function, it can charge mobile devices such as smartphones and IPADs without worrying about power outages or adding additional mobile power to the burden; The portable handle design is convenient for users to carry, and every small detail reflects the concept of user first.


At present, the nowgo F6 waterproof Bluetooth speaker is on sale in JD. If you need to know more about the new product activities of this product, you can follow the official official account of the nowgo brand or visit the official flagship store of Jingdong Lego Digital

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