This speaker is nothing special, it's just that the sound quality is particularly good

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A good speaker is an experience that you don't want to stop when you open it:

Never heard of a good speaker, you won't find the sound of the TV so dull and pale when following the drama;

Never heard of a good speaker, you won't find the sound of a computer so noisy and difficult to distinguish when playing games;

I haven't heard a good speaker before, and when you listen to music, you won't notice that the sound of your phone is so flat and weak.

What Xiaole wants to recommend today is a good speaker full of black technology——Lego F10

The appearance of F10 is cool and the sound quality is top-notch. Whether used for watching movies, listening to music, or playing games, the sound effect is very good!

Bass burst

Although its size is not very large, the high notes are transparent, the middle notes are delicate, and it can also produce super shocking bass!

This is because of its built-in special structure, where the bass is more concentrated towards the ground and amplified through special techniques.

During Xiaole's audition, the song of "subwoofer" singer Zhao Peng was played,The resonance is very strong.

Surround sound

It has a unique three tone balance technology, with realistic and three-dimensional sound. When you close your eyes, it feels like a band is playing in front of you.

Paired interconnection

F10 has TWS interconnection function, and two F10s can be paired to form stereo sound, which has a stronger sense of space and three-dimensional sound, and the effect is more impressive.

For example, if listening to music on a Lego F10 is like watching a 2D movie, and two speakers form a three-dimensional surround sound, it's like watching a 3D movie!

When both F10s are in Bluetooth disconnected state, long press the M button of one F10 to initiate a team formation. After the team formation is successful, the two F10s can play synchronously, creating a 360 degree surround sound. Just for listening to music, the feeling will also be very wonderful.

Especially for listening to live versions of songs,It feels like being in it!

The circular minimalist design is cool and versatile, making it perfect no matter where it is placed.

There is also a unique aperture at the bottom, which gives it a strong sense of technology when opened.

Pay attention to the use of materials,The texture is top-notch.

The body adopts a special process treatment, which is scratch resistant and wear-resistant. Small scratches can be restored to their original state with just a gentle wipe.

Built in 2200mAh battery, 10 hour battery life!

Why do televisions and mobile phones have speakers that can produce sound, and even need to buy a dedicated speaker?

It's actually quite simple, because it sounds completely different.

Having a good speaker can definitely greatly enhance your sense of happiness in life.

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