Nowgo F6 new product debuts, with HI-FI sound quality IPX7 waterproof and built-in power bank, reported by major media outlets

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Note: Nowgo F6 The new launch of waterproof Bluetooth speakers has not only won users' love, but also attracted attention from Phoenix, NetEase, China News NetworkIT168Major media outlets are also competing to report, and this article is quoted from China News Network.

Recently, Nowgo Bluetooth speakersF6New product launch,Hi FiSound quality andIPX7It is waterproof and comes with a built-in power bank, which is incredibly powerful and has sparked a lot of outdoor enthusiasts' enthusiasm for Lego Bluetooth speakers.

IPX7 Grade high strength waterproof Essential features of Lego Bluetooth speakers for summer and autumn outings

As is well known, summer and early autumn are seasons of close contact with water. Whether going to the beach for surfing, swimming, or camping, you may also encounter sudden rain attacks. The Bluetooth speaker that you carry with you, in addition to providing music for fun, its waterproof function is particularly important. Otherwise, if encountering water, it will be bad, which will greatly damage the mood of traveling.

And the Nowgo Bluetooth speakerF6It is specifically designed for outdoor enthusiasts, and its biggest feature isIPX7Grade waterproof, even when diving underwaterone point fiveMi, the speaker can still play normally without being affected. Currently, in the domestic Bluetooth speaker market, there areIPX7The scarcity of waterproof features also limits outdoor enthusiasts' choice of Bluetooth speakersF6The launch of waterproof Bluetooth speakers has officially filled this market gap and provided better choices for outdoor enthusiasts.
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Nowgo Bluetooth speakerF6Inherited 12 years of brand accumulation of Lego speakers Bring users the ultimate audio quality experience

Nowgo has been in the audio industry for twelve years, with a focus on sound quality from beginning to end, wholeheartedly providing users with the ultimate experience. This brand's original intention is also to use Lego Bluetooth speakersF6The above is fully reflected. In order to makeF6The overall sound quality of this product has achieved higher than expected results, and multiple efforts have been made. This product is equipped withtwoindividual10WThe internal magnetic speaker has a golden ratio to the speaker cavity, and uses a boost chip to avoid changing the sound quality due to reduced battery power, providing high-quality original sound for users from beginning to end. Additionally, the Nowgo Bluetooth speakerF6It has also undergone low-frequency anti distortion processing, providing users with a deeper bass enjoyment.
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Nowgo Bluetooth speakerF6Targeting outdoor essential functions It's a Bluetooth speaker and also a mobile power supply

A speaker that simply has music playback function may appear too simplistic, while a LEGO Bluetooth speakerF6Targeted at the problem of phone power outage that outdoor enthusiasts often encounter, it also has the function of mobile power supply, which can charge mobile devices such as phones and tablets. Nowgo Bluetooth speakerF6This feature has been highly praised and deeply appreciated by outdoor enthusiasts.

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Currently, the Nowgo Bluetooth speakerF6Both online and offline sales have been fully launched, and as the new product launches, significant discounts have been prepared for users to try new products. This is the best time to get started with this Nowgo Bluetooth speaker. For more details, please follow the official announcement of the Nowgo brand.

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