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NowGo brand was not built overnight, NowGo brand is Dimethoate International Ltd. Gradually developed and formed the international industry collection. In the past ten years, NowGo has become a professional manufacturer of digital mobile audio products with more than 500 employees, a total production area of nearly 7000 square meters, and an annual output value of over 100 million yuan. Its products cover all series of mobile speakers in the field of integrated card speakers, USB desktop speakers, home bedside speakers and so on. To provide a full range of one-stop products and services for global customers.

NowGo has a unique research and development center for mobile audio products in the industry, focusing on independent innovation and leading the industry trend, taking industrial design as the core tool of independent innovation, effectively combining fashion trends with core technology, constantly creating application demands while insisting on improving product performance and technical content. All the time, the brand has always stood in the forefront of the trend of digital mobile speaker, not only become the leading digital mobile speaker industry trend change innovator, but also accelerate the pace of industrialization technology innovation, gradually become the flag of the digital mobile speaker industry. It is based on a marketing network of more than 2000 stores across China's provinces, cities and counties.

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